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. temperatures from 53 in antioch to santa rosa, oakland, fremont, san jose and half moon bay at 58. to the south, warmer and low 60's and morgan hill, at 59 for you. tonight with extra cloud cover but no frost and in the mid-to-upper 30's and mid-to-upper 30's to 40's around the bay explore and the coast. the high pressure is holding on right now deflecting the energy from the storm to the north. it is getting over run by the high clouds so that will make it interesting. here is a look at the rain, it is coming in tomorrow afternoon. it will be light-to-moderate at times and you can see the yellow over san francisco at 3:00 and taper in the evening. we get a break overnight and sunday morning, around 11 clock, it starts to move in to the north bay, light-to-moderate and the storm system sweeps from north to south across the bay area and it will take longer than the first one tomorrow. rainfall amounts are quarter to three quarters in the east bay and up to an inch in the mountains. monday and tuesday, it is dry again, and a slight chance of rain on wednesday, and thursday is dry again with tempe
perpetrated against black people in california by the oakland police in an america catching up to the promise of the civil rights legislation. members of the organization received training from experienced instructors and how to maintain and shoot guns. they carried them openly in public in compliance with the police and the laws at the time. go as far as to police the police to patrol them as the police patrolled oakland residents. the response was broad and decisive. a republican state assemblyman proposed a state law that would make it illegal to carry a loaded weapon in any city in california. the law created to disarm the black panthers would affect all gun owners in the state of california. in a dramatic showdown, they responded with their version of nra lobbying on capitol hill. they showed up with shotguns on the state capital building in sacramento. they were prevented from entering the chamber, their message was received loud and clear. it was signed into law by someone who seems an improbable advocate for gun control. this guy. no, your eyes are not fooling you. that is republican
from indianapolis is ready for something a little more adventurous. ted took us under the oakland bay bridge and along the water front section of san fransisco known as the embarcadero. what an absolutely unique way to see the city even if you're here for a day for dinner; come out here for an hour and paddle around and get just a one of a kind view of san fransisco and it is pretty amazing. wouldn't you say? amazing? it is. it is. this was a relaxed kind of outing that was more about the views than it was about getting somewhere. the only thing we really needed to watch out for were fairy boats and sea lions. both of which are pretty active right now. super easy, don't have to know what you're doing and yet what a completely one of a kind way of experiencing this city from being on water. come on. the sunset, the energy from the city i mean literally hearing the hum and there's just a buzz in the city and then there's this super calm peaceful serene feeling that you have on the water it's like nothing i've ever done before. this is just one of the coolest things i've done on a kayak.
and invisibility of what happens in chicago, philadelphia, new york, detroit, oakland, and the like has to be addressed. >> michael, i think this moment needs to become a movement that binds newtown, that binds the fact that black young men are eight times more likely to be killed in gun homicides than young white men. i think there needs to be a sense of the urgency. what worries me is what you are talking about is critical in the short-term, the medium term, the long-term. in that poverty and despair, if there is access to guns and easy access to guns, we can talk about the mental health situation in this country, which is so important. we can talk about the violent culture, but other countries have mental health problems. other countries have violent vamz, but they don't have that easy access to guns which make this so deadly. >> they haven't been -- >> disposable youth. >> we said afternoon newtown, never again. we have not said never again when it happens in other communities, and the psychic signal it sends to young people that my life is not really worth the kind of political pro
was inaugurated. the oakland raiders in '81 and the 49ers in '85. if you've got a trivia question, e-mail us. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] let's say you pay your guy around 2% to manage your money. that's not much, you think. except it's 2% every year. go to e-trade and find out how much our advice and guidance costs. spoiler alert: it's low. it's guidance on your terms, not ours. e-trade. less for us. more for you. >>> so the white house just unveiled the new official presidential portrait. it shows a smiling president barack obama standing in the oval office. but when you look at some of the pictures of the past, you can see how the weight of the white house changes the age of a president and ages a president. that was the "washington post." they have a look at the toll the job has taken on the president over the last four years. let's bring back the gaggle. not surprising. >> no. >> frankly, that we know the white house, michelle, that presidency ages everybody. >> absolutely. and given how it ages everyone, i have to say, he actually still looks really good. he looks great. >> bot
. >> oakland raider article. >> fascinating piece, we were talking about it offset earlier, but it's a great story about a guy who plays for the oakland raiders and he's accused now of some crazy crimes and we're saying, like, the sort of number of stories coming out of the nfl right now are pretty shocking. but he is -- >> accused of four murders. >> accused of four murders and arson and yet, you know, there's a great question as to whether he did it or not. this is not a story that's about post traumatic playing, this is about a guy who was one of the great players for the raiders -- >> not to compare them, but it's interesting how in the nfl, how right now we are so celebrating ray lewis, and he was involved in the obstruction of justice on murder, and nfl versus every other league has got a level of issues that have to be dealt with. >> it's a great story. >> and lee hastings, netflix, great story. >> a great story about netflix. they're poised no to becoming the next hbo. they've got original content, a great kevin spacey show coming up. and waiting is over. it's all about live streamin
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6